Are Paying Too Much For Auto Insurance?

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While vehicle owners in most states are required to have auto insurance to drive legally, research has shown that many drivers are paying over the odds for their policy.

The average cost of auto insurance currently stands at $15 per month, or $1,503 annually, with various factors influencing the cost of the policy, including your driving record and geographical location.

What's more, each insurance company evaluates risk differently, so the amount you are quoted from one company may not necessarily equal that of another.

With so many policies to choose from it's important to make sure that you are getting adequate cover for your circumstances at an affordable rate.

Are You Getting Adequate Cover?

Auto insurance provides financial protection in the event of a car accident.

If you are not adequately insured you could end up liable for thousands of dollars in car repairs, legal fees and medical bills.

It will cover some or all of your accident related expenses, depending on how much coverage you have purchased.

Cheaper policies may look attractive but in the event of an accident you may risk of additional payments and expenses.

Colission auto insurance covers your medical bills and damage to your vehicle resulting from an accident you cause, so it's something to think carefully about when choosing your policy.

You also need auto insurance if the driver you hit was uninsured or under insured and can't cover the costs.

Finally, it covers anyone you let drive your car as long as they have a valid drivers license.

Why You Need to Compare

So while the reasons for cover and many and varied, how do you go about making sure you get the best deal?

Many people tend to stick to one company, without realizing that they could be getting the same, or an even better policy, for less.

However by comparing auto insurance rates you'll often be able to save money and find affordable auto insurance for your circumstances.

The range is prices you can expect to pay can be fairly extreme

Let's take Bob in Ohio who pays $77 per month or $926 per year for his auto insurance.

Yes, Bob does look to be getting a great deal, based on his location especially when contrasted to Alice, in Michigan, who pays $213 ($2,551 annual rate) for her auto insurance.

But this is only half the story.

Other factors from age, accident history, number of years of no claims and vehicle use and mileage also go into the equation, and not every insurer will have the same method of calculation

US Insurance Online

We found the best way to keep auto insurance costs low is to shop around.

To put this to the test we put the popular website US Insurance Online through its paces to see what they could come up with.

You may have heard of this company on tv infomercials.

It's an incredibly simple way to find auto insurance quotes online.

It works by providing a free customer referral to leading US auto insurance providers and helps people to find the most competitive rates on the market.

The website is easy to navigate, and you can even go direct to the quote form using the links on this page.

We filled out the simple form, which took us just 3 minutes.

The quotes were sent to 8 participating insurance companies, and we started to receive notifications in our inbox right away.

The best part is, the site handles all the work in matching you to the right insurer who issues policies in your area, saving you valuable time looking around.

You'll also be asked to enter your phone number for the insurer to contact you, but don't worry, your details are kept private and you'll only receive calls from insurers you have agreed to hear from.

We received 4 immediate and comprehensive insurance rate quotes and could have settled on an offer right there and then had we been going ahead with the policy.

We found the service to be easy to use and hassle free and gave us lots of options, which were much cheaper than we had anticipated.

There's also a bunch of helpful information you can find on the site in the FAQ section and a handy Insurance Corner, where you can find answers to any niggling questions you may have.

We found the results from the site to be very satisfactory and were pleasantly surprised at the speed and affordability of the quotes.

The service itself was absolutely free, and with nothing to lose, we would recommend you give it a try!

Some of the major insurers include Allstate, Farmers, Kemper Auto and Home, The Hartford, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Mercury Insurance Group and others.

With full US coverage, it makes finding cheap auto insurance quotes a breeze and the quotes will appear in just a few moments for you to review on the screen.

You then have to complete the form on the insurers page to finalize the deal, but this typically only takes a few minutes and by the time you have got to this stage you already know the price of the policy.

So here's the steps you can take to find cheaper auto insurance in your area.

1) Visit US Insurance online and fill out the simple form on the page

2) What for the system to match you the the competing insurance companies in your area

3) Choose the insurer which fits your requirements and then fill out the form on the insurer page or speak to them direct on the phone.

That's it!

You could be insured within minutes on your new car, or save $$$ on the cost of a policy renewal with your existing supplier.

Simply visit US Insurance Online to get started now!


Roxi Overo · Tyler, Texas
How many insurance quotes will I get from this?
· Reply · 84 · Oct 11, 2018 10:13 AM
Cheryl Rackers · Perry High School, Perry, GA
It's difficult to say how many quotes you will get as it depends on your state and circumstances. When I tried it I received 8 quotes from different providers and found it easy to compare and contrast which one was the cheapest.
· Reply · 55 · Oct 12, 2018 3:55 PM
June Zukowski Spelman · Worcester State College
I never though I'd be able to get a better deal on auto insurance than with my current provider, but I was pleasantly surprised!
· Reply · 38 · Oct 12, 2018 5:10 PM
Mandy Simmons · Chicago, Illinois
I have to say, I'm not generally a fan of comparison sites, but this made it easy to go direct to the provider and I still got a great deal. I Couldn't be happier.
· Reply · 32 · Oct 13, 2018 6:58 AM
Clay Matthew Pirtle · Home Depot
I needed auto insurance to cover the whole family, as my teenage daughter is now just ojd enough to drive, I wanted to shop around for the best deal. I'm glad I found this site as it gave me huge savings on my annual plan, which I can now use on other expenses like gas and parking.
· Reply · 43 · Oct 13, 2018 10:22 AM
Brent Wallace · Alessandra Gallo Jewellery
For anyone still wondering how this works, here's a quick breakdown:
Visit the site and enter your details
Wait for a call from the auto insurance people (sometimes you get an email first)
Visit the site of the company who offers the best quote and fill out their form
After this you'll be insured at the best price and without having to put in the hard work of shopping around for yourself.

· Reply · 72 · Oct 14, 2018 8:37 AM
Gladys Sanford · Worcester State College
I've been with my current insurer for 6 years but had a sneaky suspicion I wasn't getting the best rate for my situation. As a driver who has never had an accident I though I was paying far too much. I was right and I've now been able to make substantial savings on my annula renewals hanks to this site.
· Reply · 22 · Oct 14, 2018 6:44 PM
Wilma Kingsleigh · Indiana University Kokomo
I recently moved and had to change auto insurance from where I had been living before. USInsurance online were a life saver as I literally had no idea where to look, plus they saved me a fortune on what I had been paying!
· Reply · 36 · Oct 15, 2018 12:05 PM
Paul Bryant · Ricky J
You'll stil have to make sure you do your own due diligence as the site won't necessarily know what is best for you, so remember to ask questions and fill out the form to the best of your abilities to get the most out of it.
· Reply · 18 · Oct 16, 2018 7:55 PM
Laura Sylvia · Los Angeles Lakers by Citizen Sports
Thanks, I'll be trying this out today when my husband comes in from work as we have been wanting to see how much we could save on car insurance for some time now.
· Reply · 24 · Oct 17, 2018 7:28 AM