Treating Vulvodynia and Fibromyalgia

One of the most painful effects that can occur in females who have fibromyalgia is a disorder referred to as vulvodynia. Obviously, pain during sex is a side-effect of fibromyalgia, as well as your menstrual cycle may cause a lot of pain too, but vulvodynia is one thing entirely different.

This is a constant pain that\’s in your vulva (which is inside your vagina), and it makes it difficult to do such things as making love. Why could it be so intertwined with fibromyalgia? And just what can we do today to try and find relief from the issues that include the vulvodynia and fibromyalgia pain?

Why Are Vulvodynia and Fibromyalgia So Interconnected?

As mentioned above, vulvodynia is among those disorders that make it hard for you to definitely have sex. You constantly have itching, burning, and other painful sensations throughout your vaginal area. It\’s sensitive to the touch and it may be difficult for you to definitely even move your legs on certain days. Overall, this disorder causes it to be a hardship on us to even function, not to mention trying to make love having a partner or clean the area and keep it hygienic.

But why is it so linked with fibromyalgia? What happened to really make it so that the two disorders more often than not happen together? Honestly, that\’s a bit mystery, because researchers aren’t even completely sure of the original cause of vulvodynia or fibromyalgia.

That being said, there are a few possible theories available that overlap forwards and backwards, thus which makes it seem as though they could be the reason behind a woman to end up having both disorders.

The first reason is due to inflammation. Since inflammation is so common in fibromyalgia, the fact that your vulva gets inflamed isn\’t actually an odd thing. There\’s also theories out there related to the nerve problems that each of the disorders suffer from

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