Recruit Your BFF with this Killer Total body workouts for Partners-and Get Ready to Sweat

If exercising solo just isn\’t performing, recruit your preferred gym rat and check out this killer total-body partner workout. Not only will it work your legs, glutes, torso, and core, but it\’ll really get you moving and help increase your heartbeat. The aim isn\’t to hit a particular number of reps, but to visit at your own pace and proceed the 30-second periods. Enlisting a pal to worry out with you\’ll motivate you through the workout so that you don\’t quit!

In the video above, fitness influencer and trainer Anna Victoria and Health\’s senior fitness editor Roz demonstrate nine partner exercises-from high knees to planks to bicep curls-that will have both you and your gym bestie really feeling the burn together.

In the very first exercise, one person does squats as the other person does burpees for Thirty seconds. You\’ll then switch, and do Thirty seconds of the other exercise.

Next, one person does a dumbbell row and bicep curl while the other person does squat jumps for Thirty seconds. You may then switch, and do 30 seconds of the other exercise.

In the 3rd move, one person does high knees as the body else does one step back lunge for 30 seconds. You may then switch, and do 30 seconds from the other exercise.

The final partner exercise requires one person to hold a plank for 30 seconds, as the body else does a squat jump. Switch, and do 30 seconds of the other move.

Ready for any bonus round? We know you can handle it (wink).?

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