5 Stretches related to a Partner

Stretching is definitely an everyday, all day movement: You\’re doing so when you are getting out of bed in the morning, when you take a rest from sitting at the desk, so that as you cool down inside your barre class. Stretching wakes up parts of your muscles and relieves body aches and tension throughout the body. It also helps prevent pain, muscle strain, and muscle damage. It can be done literally anywhere (airports, the subway, waiting in line for any coffee-yep!) since it requires zero equipment.?

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Stretching having a partner is a great approach to take deeper than doing the work solo. Besides improving your flexibility and flexibility, stretching having a buddy might help keep you motivated through a circuit making the most boring post-workout stretches more fun. Our advice? Stretch as far as feels safe for you personally and have your partner contain the stretch as you resist for several seconds. Relax and repeat.

In the recording above, Jeff Brannigan from Stretch*d showed our editor Arielle five stretches-from \”chest openers\” to \”hello hammies\”-that really are a perfect cooldown for you as well as your gym bestie after any sweat sesh.

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